Daltrey ztvárnil postavy ve více než 30 filmech: McVicar skutečný příběh muže, jenž se postavil vězeňskému systému a odmítl se se vzdát (John McVicar). Tommy, hluchý , slepý a němý chlapec (Tommy Walker). Lisztomania, maďarský skladatel Franz Liszt. Na jevišti se objevil v The Wizard Of OZ (Tin Man) a A Christmas Carol ( Scrooge). V 1986 hrál v tv seriálu "Buddy" . Také odehrál mnoho televizních rolí např.BBC Television Shakespeare, serial z policejniho prostředi The Bill, science fiction seriál Sliders ( Col Angus Rickman), Witchblade ( Father Del Toro) a byl hostující hvězda v serialu Higlander jako nesmrtelný,Hugh Fitzcairn, jeden z blízkých přátel hlavní postavy Duncan Macleod.

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Solo hit singles:

Giving It All Away (5 UK) 1973

I'm Free (13 UK), 1973

Without Your Love (20 US) 1980

Free Me (39 UK), 1980

Filmografie (Role):

Lisztomania (Franz Liszt), 1975

Tommy (Tommy Walker), also Music Score Composer, 1975

The Legacy (Clive Jackson), 1978

McVicar (John McVicar), also Producer, 1980

Murder: Ultimate Grounds for Divorce, 1985

The Little Match Girl (Jeb Macklin), 1987

Mack the Knife (Street Singer), 1989

Cold Justice (Keith Gibson), 1989

Buddy's Song (Terry Clark); also Music Score Composer, Producer, 1991

If Looks Could Kill (Blade), 1991

Lightning Jack (John T. Coles), 1994

Vampirella (Vlad), 1996

Like It Is (Kelvin), 1998

Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula (King Janos), 2000

Best (Rodney Marsh), 2000

Chasing Destiny (Nehemiah Peoples), 2001

 .com for Murder (Ben), 2002

  Sólová diskografie

  Daltrey 1973

  1.One man band 2.Way of the world 3.You are yourself 4.Thinking 5.You and me
  6.It's a hard life 7. Giving it all away 8.The story so far 9. When the music stops
Reasons 11. One man band (reprise)

  Ride a Rock Horse 1975

  1. Get Your Love 2. Hearts Right 3. Oceans Away 4. Proud 5. World Over 6. Near to Surrender
  7. Feeling 8. Walking the Dog 9. Milk Train 10. Born to Sing Your Song 11. You Put Something
Better Inside of Me 12. Dear John 13. Oceans Away [Alternative Version]

One of the Boys 1977

  1. Parade 2. Single Man's Dilemma 3. Avenging Annie 4. Prisoner 5. Leon 6. One of the Boys
  7. Giddy 8. Written on the Wind 9. Satin and Lace 10. Doing It All Again 11. Martyrs and
  Madmen 12. Treachery 13. Say It Ain't So, Joe

McVicar 1980

  1. Bitter And Twisted  2. Just A Dream Away  3. Escape Part One  4. White City Lights
  5. Free Me  6. My Time Is Gonna Come   7. Waiting For A Friend  8. Escape Part Two
  9. Without Your Love 10. McVicar

Parting Should be Painless 1984

  1. Walking in My Sleep 2. Parting Should Be Painless 3. Is There Anybody Out There? 4. Would a
  Stranger Do? 5. Going Strong 6. Looking for You 7. Somebody Told Me 8. One Day 9. How Does
  the Cold Wind Cry 10. Don't Waint on the Stairs

    Under a Raging Moon 1985

  1. After The Fire  2. Don't Talk To Strangers  3. Breaking Down Paradise  4. The Pride You Hide
  5. Move Better In The Air  6. Love Me Like You Do 7. Let Me Down Easily  8. Fallen Angel
  9. It   Don't Satisfy Me 10. Rebel  11. Under A Raging Moon

  Can't Wait to See the Movie 1987

  1. Hearts of Fire 2. When the Thunder Comes 3. Ready for Love 4. Balance on Wires 5. Miracle of
  Love 6. Price of Love 7. Heart Has Its Reasons 8. Alone in the Night 9. Lover's Storm 10. Take Me

  Rocks in the Head 1992

  1. Who's Gonna Walk on Water 2. Before My Time Is Up 3. Times Changed 4. You Can't Call It
  Love 5. Mirror Mirror 6. Perfect World 7. Love Is 8. Blues Man's Road 9. Everything a Heart Could
  Ever Want (Willow) 10. Days of Light 11. Unforgettable Opera


Moonlighting: The Anthology  2004

1. One Man Band 2. Way of the World 3. Thinking 4. There Is Love 5. Giving It All Away
  6.(Come And) Get Your Love 7. World Over 8. Proud 9. Dear John 10. Avenging Annie 11. One of
  the Boys 12. Martyrs and Madmen 13. Say It Ain't So, Joe 14. Bitter and Twisted 15. Free Me
  16. Without Your Love 17. Waiting for a Friend 18. Parting Would Be Painless 19. After the Fire
                                20. Under a Raging Moon
 Disc: 2 1. Behind Blues Eyes 2. Won't Get Fooled Again 3. Quicksilver
                                Lightning 4. Lover's Storm 5. Mack the Knife 6. Pig Must Die 7. Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me
                                8. Rock and Roll 9. Who's Gonna Walk On Water 10. Love Is 11. Blues Man's Road 12. Baba
                                O'Riley 13. Pinball Wizard 14. Real Me 15. Child of Mine 16. Born to Run 17. Second Out