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                    Keith John Moon

                                (23.8.1947 London - 7.9.1978 London)

                                   Solo kariera 


eith John Moon was born on 23 August 1946 in London to Alfred and Kathleen Moon. He lived in Alperton as a boy and was extremely hyperactive and had a restless imagination as a child. He was known to have caused a lot of chaos in school and his schoolwork suffered accordingly. When looking back with modern knowledge, many believe Moon suffered from a form of ADD or ADHD. As a youth, the only thing that could hold his attention was music. A report from his Secondary Modern school is not encouraging ľ his art teacher, for example, commented: 'Retarded artistically. Idiotic in other respects.'Even at an early age, his teachers praised his music skills and acknowledged his chaotic style, even if one school report noted "he has great ability, but must guard against a tendency to show off". Moon failed his eleven-plus and left school in 1961.
On 17 March 1966, Moon married his girlfriend Kim Kerrigan in secrecy, and their daughter Amanda was born four months later, on 12 July. In 1973, Kerrigan left Moon, taking Amanda with her. They would later divorce in 1975.
[edit] Early musical career
At the age of twelve, Moon joined his local Sea Cadet Corps band as a bugle player, but quickly traded his position to be a drummer.[1] Moon started to play the drums at the age of 14, his mother bought him a Ringo drum kit, and was taught to play by one of the loudest drummers at the time, Carlo Little.[citation needed] During this time he joined his first serious band "Mark Twain and the Strangers".[citation needed] He later spent 18 months as the drummer for the "The Beachcombers", a London cover band most notable for their renditions of songs by Cliff Richard.[2]
Moon initially played in the style of American surf rock and R&B drummers, utilizing grooves and fills of those genres, but playing them much louder and with more authority. He was also heavily influenced by jazz drummer and fellow showman Gene Krupa.[citation needed]

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